The 10 Annoying Phrases You Need To Stop Using.

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I'm betting she says 'epic'

Ever since English was invented, there’s been a swath of phrases that annoy everyone.

Like that?


I read books now.

I asked my tiny friends on Facebook for suggestions on some of their most hated phrases.  They gave me well over 70.

I’m going to trim it down to 10 of the most vile.

If you use any of these, stop immediately.

1. Peeps.

The term ‘peeps’ was cool when people were ‘getting jiggy with it.’

Or when people were not, in fact, ready for her jelly.

But we’ve evolved.

And we’re not your peeps.


2. Just Sayin’

People think that affixing this to the end of their comment dilutes the blunt impact of their horrible opinions.

Sorry but if  the Indians who own Foxwoods Casino are so pissed at America, why don’t they just go back to whatever country they came from.  #justsayin

3. That’s What She Said.

This phrase is used when someone empties their bottom drawer of comedy.  Here.  I’ll set one up.

Doing this is really really hard.

If you just said “that’s what she said” out loud, you’re part of the problem.

4. Totes.

Sometimes annoying phrases transform into even more annoying phrases, leaving us in complete awe of their annoyingness.

Remember “Totally”?

Yeah.  That’s now “totes”.

God help us all.


5. Personal Brand.

My older cousin used to lock the doors of his Chevy Corsica and drop alarming farts that I’d have to breathe in while crying.

That was his personal brand.

6. Epic.

When the Hobbits had to return the ring to Mordor?  That shit was epic.

The taquito you just bought from 7-11?

Not so much.


7. kthxbai

I’m not sure where this originated, but it smells like LOLCats to me.

If you’re a long-time reader of TN, you know how devastating I think LOLCats are.

A human using lolcat terminology in day-to-day conversation.

That would break me.

8. Let’s Connect.

Nobody can say email me sometime or add me to Facebook.

They have to say “let’s connect”.

Just be honest.

Let’s connect on Facebook so I can creepily comb through the bikini pictures of your trip to Cancun.

9.  It Is What It Is.

Imagine you’re up on trial for bitch-slapping a manatee.

Your lawyer defends you by saying Your honor, my client did not, at any point, harm a manatee.

And then the judge is like But we have video evidence.

And your lawyer shrugs and says Well, alright.  It is what it is.

Do you want that to happen?

Do you?

Stop saying this phrase.

10. I Heart You.

Heart is five letters.

“Love” is four.

You’re putting in more effort to make something sound worse.


I know some of you are saying I have more to add to this list.

Feel free to leave a phrase or term that annoys you in the comment section.

I also know some of you use these phrases and want to call me ‘pretentious’  for making a list that shits on you.


If you want to send me direct hate, you can follow me on Twitter here.

Just don’t call me your peep.

  • Ever since English was invented, there’s been a swath of phrases that annoy everyone.

  • A human using lolcat terminology in day-to-day conversation.

  • Ever since English was invented, there’s been a swath of phrases that annoy everyone.

  • I’m going to trim it down to 10 of the most vile.

  • Sorry but if  the Indians who own Foxwoods Casino are so pissed
    at America, why don’t they just go back to whatever country they came
    from.  #justsayin

  • Ever since English was invented, there’s been a swath of phrases that annoy everyone.

  • Hearing a grown adult say "You don't get to tell me what to do" or "You
    don't get to make that decision for me" makes me want to grab a ruler
    and start whacking his or her knuckles until I can be assured it will
    never happen again.

  • SirEdwardTrollington

    Nice duplicate post of my post, spammer.  No one wants your products.  Hawk them elsewhere.

  • This phrase is used when someone empties their bottom drawer of comedy.  Here.  I’ll set one up.

  • Sometimes annoying phrases transform into even more annoying phrases, leaving us in complete awe of their annoyingness.

  • SirEdwardTrollington

    The partial phrase that currently grates on my nerves is "you don't get to..." I'm not talking about it being used correctly in proper context, such as in "The problem with the highway system is that you don't get to play bumper cars on it." No, I'm talking about people using it in arguments as if they're still five and telling the other kids that they don't get to play G.I. Joes in your fort. Hearing a grown adult say "You don't get to tell me what to do" or "You don't get to make that decision for me" makes me want to grab a ruler and start whacking his or her knuckles until I can be assured it will never happen again.


  • katdish

    I had to google "kthxbai". Now I'm sorry I did. Along the lines of "totes" I saw someone refer to someone else's picture as "adorbs" and I threw up in my mouth a little. (Which is probably another phrase that made your list.)

    Anyway, thanks for being impolite enough to say the things the rest of us are too nice to say.

    Also, I didn't realize you were on Facebook. Is it one of those pages where I'll have to "like" you rather than just friending you? 

  • Angiesargenti

    "That being said..." makes me want to snap someone's neck.

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  • Theresa_bob

    I Luv what you  Peeps have written Cuz it'x just Epic. And At The End Of The Day, well, I dunno, I think I'll quit Just Chillin here at home and borrow a Case Of Quarter, then I'll hop on a bus and head downtown. That plan sounds Not Too Shabby. 
      Are you Tote all annoyed yet?
    P.O. I think you forgot to mention the way some people add a stretched out "Hellllooo" as emphasis when speaking.
      An example would be..."Then he walked in while she was still in bed with Richard, Heeelllooo!" It's become a little tiresome to me, an makes me want to respond "Hello! Hello!"
      I too think "At the end of the day" needs to retire for a while.  I don't believe many people realize how often they use it many times throughout their  conversation. You almost want to say, "Didn't we just end that day a minut ago?"

  • Alice

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  • Wicked32

    Here's three that annoy me to no end. And their meanings.
    1. Case of Quarter, Casa Quarter, Case a Quarter - when somebody gives you change in exchange for a quarter, i.e they give you 2 dimes and a nickel and you give them a quarter.
    Example sentence: Yo man, Can I get a case of quarter?

    2. Ink Pen - Well, duh! A pen that writes with ink as opposed to a pen that writes with...Um, is there a pen that uses something other than ink? I knows there's a device that uses solid lead and graphite but that's typically called a pencil.
    Example Sentence: Yo man, do you have an ink pen I can borrow?

    3. Cuz - A person you may or may not know, that you may or may not be related to through DNA or marriage. Short for cousin.
    Example Sentence: What up cuz!?

    Please, oh please, stop saying all of those above. You sound like an uneducated, ghetto, criminal, street thug.

  • John Newcomer

    Let's ban "much love"

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  • wut

    I hate when people say that too!

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  • The Cat Whisperer

    check this for annoying catchphrases in the workplace

  • Sunkitten77

    "Stinkin' cute" should be added to this list.

  • Guest

    Hate "not too shabby".

    These sorts of boots draw close your way with the warranty that after you put them on

  • Man my ex was from Chicago and she would use at least 7 of these phrases commonly. It didn't seem that tiresome at first but by god it dragged on me after a while.

  • kidfromkidnplay

    that was could do another 10 easy

  • Vnharv

    just chillin

  • twhit

    I hate that one too, but chillaxin is even worse.

  • i hate when people spell what "whut". whut the hell is wrong with you!

  • i hate when people spell what "whut". whut the hell is wrong with you!

  • rosetta stone

    i hate when people spell what "whut". whut the hell is wrong with you!

  • Ktblaz

    i hate when people spell what "whut". whut the hell is wrong with you!

  • Ah I really hate half of these :D probably because I am reading them too often in the post over the the network. Thanks that you did that post hope that people will stop to use them or at least reduce it. 

  • sleepdirt

    Yeah, "Not so much" also needs to disappear.

  • Purlgurl1

    i just hate that people are using abbreviations and slang in the workplace or in inappropriate settings. is it really that hard to spell something out when sending an email? "C u l8r" is not ok.

  • Crouching Possum

    The top of my list is at the top of this post "You need to."  Followed closely by "I need you to"

  • PEEPS is still in vogue in the uk :-) dianabol

  • AngryCharlie

    Didnt read too far, but did anyone mention "sick"? As in "these pop tarts are sick!". Yeah, fucking hate that one.

  • Guest

    Really? REALLY?

    people walk around saying this about a hundred times... what's the point?


    "I'm soooo over (insert word of choice here)...

  • You forgot "SWAG" I fucking hate that word.

  • myntee

    Epic originated from World of Warcraft, where Epic is teh highest lvl of gear and weapons. (more or less, theres obviously more factors involved, and I know this. Don't nerd-rage at me.)
    So to call something epic it is as good as one can hope to have or achieve.
    Also epic fail originated in wow where there were a few weapons which were called by players "epic fails"because while they had the epic status, their stats were utterly useless.
    I would say calling things epic or epic fail is only stupid when used out of context, as OP mentions, fast food is not epic.

  • DarkSpartan

    No, Epic in MMOs started with EverQuest, when you could get a killer weapon(for the time and level) if you finished a long and usually nasty quest. If you had it, you were(and still are) totally Epic. That's a lot of work for the reward, and most people keep theirs in inventory for the clicky effect. 90% of things that are attributed to Meme status by World of Warcraft originated elsewhere, and got their primary exposure when some tweeny that was exposed to both surfaces types into a chat bar.

    'nuff said.


  • XxHannahMichellexX

    I dont like the word Legit. Ughh. i bothers mee soo much!

  • Vacay. GRR.

  • twhit

    And staycation. Also, bennies. I want real benefits.

  • Mcfearless100

    I hate it when people say "like I said." First, and most importantly, it's rude. It implies that the one being spoken to either didn't listen or didn't understand. Second, usually the user throws it in there much too frequently, and misuse it. You can't say "like I said" if you never said it in the first place.

  • Campogk


  • guest

    How about the words that are fusions of synonyms. I have made it clear to my friends that I will hit them if they use 'guesstimate' or 'ginormous' in my presence.

  • Passerby

    I have two phrases I hate:

    "Gone/went missing" -- Just say "vanished" or "disappeared".

    "It goes without saying..." -- Actually, I like that one, because it means I can stop listening to the speaker immediately.

    I had to Google LOLCats. No wonder cats are so pissy, if that's how their owners treat them.

  • Fueledbysammy

    i totes heart you. just sayin'.

  • duckiesRcool

    This is awesome hahaha!! I actually never heard of the "totes" one, but if I even did hear someone say that, they'd deserve a back-handed slap into next week....

    Now, I have a few phrases for ya that I can't stand myself:
    "are you kidding me?" (seriously, what's with the "me" at the end of that?? why does it have to be personalized? most of the time it's used inappropriately anyway, like expressing annoyance towards something thats isn't directed at them personally, for example: "The school cancelled our dance, like, are you kidding me?" <--- the most moronic thing I've ever heard.... well, its in the top 3)

    here's another: "So-Cal or Nor-Cal" as an abbreviation for Southern or Northern California. This pisses me off into an oblivion. Just makes me want to bitch slap those manatees when I hear this.

    and the last of the three: unnecessary words like "sans" meaning without and "via" meaning through. why can't people just stick with without and through? "she's going outside (sans) without makeup" and "I'll send it to you (via) through email." whenever they replace a regular word with the ones in the parentheses, it makes me want to kick a moose in the shin. Just plain useless.

  • Smashingpumpkinsfan91

    What annoys me the most is "wow."

  • guest

    Epic fail is the most annoying thing. And one you forgot to add was "shit" when they say it in a good way... for ex. That shit is the best!........... UGH

  • "That's what she said" is absolutely annoying and that's what is so great about it. Most of those are pretty awful expressions, however, some do have relevance. In my opinion, to "heart" something is to not-quite-love something. It's a superficial term of affection and used as such. Therefore, it has value. Also, "it is what it is" is what it is. There are times that it's appropriate to tell someone so. The argument against this phrase was absolutely the weakest of the bunch. "Epic" has just as much meaning behind it as "awesome" (something that is awe inspiring) so I guess we need to lose it as well, and if we're going to be sticklers like that, then time to lose "cool", "hot", "sick", etc. The rest of those terms, I could care less about and so, whatever or something. Cheers.

  • Midge

    My kids' friends call me "moms" when they come to my house. I did not give birth to them and do not want or deserve to be referred to as their mother. Call me by my first name or "Gorgeous" or even "hot stuff", but don't call me "moms"!!!

  • Hi Gorgeous, our shy host wants you to e-mail nude pictures of yourself to him. OK, kidding! Your comment reminded me of what a friend has to deal with. (Deep breath) Her daughter (white) did extensive babysitting for a 2-year-old boy (black). The daughter wanted the kid to call my (white) friend "Nana". As I was told, "He ain't no kin of mine!"

  • Totes McGoats

    Is the point of this story to convince people that your friend is a racist? Or that you are?

  • HahaImnotracistilovewhites

    Ok since your obviously tense and easily annoyed I will attempt to troll and use all these in a sentence. Ok here it is retards pay attention focus I MEAN FOCUS! This article was a EPIC EPIC failure nothing could've been worse not even having diarhea and just realizing your toilet paper is out. I would say I heart you but I don't I JUST can't stand you. Hey I'm sorry for being such a jerk now I'm just lowering myself to your standards lets connect. Haha funny thing is the majority of these I heard here for the 1st time I guess lame whities love this crap. I like articles better then this so it wouldn't be my PERSONAL BRAND JUST SAYIN'. I have to go buy me some totes! That would be totes! Ok peeps I'm almost down for real lol. Haha your lame (Thats what she said she in this instance meaning I yes speaking of myself in third person terms.) Kthxbai and chill relax calm down ppl r always going to go out of their way 2 annoy u because it is what it is.

  • That would be funny if it was done well. Now I just have to say, "Epic fail" and mean it.

  • Notelling

    Haha the funny part is you're more horrible annoying and stupid then all those because ur probably some lame cracker that actually wrote this.

  • Ways that mean-spirited clowns who cannot have fun with the rest of us and have to slam the article and use bad grammar can be painfully humiliated so they don't post in comments areas.

  • Way #1: The Hertz Donut.

    "Ever tried a Hertz Donut?"

    "No, what are those?"

    *kicks clown in the nads*

    "Hurts, don't it."

  • Suggestion for new article: Ways that spammers who can barely speak English can be painfully humiliated so they don't post in comments areas. EDIT: I see that the foreign spam was deleted.

  • simonester

    I heart Tremendous news! HAHA! xox

  • dumbsaint

    You managed my pet hate in the 'epic' example. Literally.

  • Dare Bear

    Oopz! i mean't admit! Spelling Fail! XD! O.O I did it again!

  • Dare Bear

    I must addmit, I use most of these...It's just so fun!Lolz

  • Chris Martin

    How about if we add "not so much," in? Good!

  • Blackbird

    "That shit was epic."
    "I also know some of you use these phrases and want to call me ‘pretentious’ for making a list that shits on you."

    How about easing up on the scatology. If you're 12, ok, it's part of boring but normal juvenile showing off.
    If you're over 12, you're just lazy and unimaginative.

  • sorry, I meant "interesting" with a final "G".


  • Very interestind article, esp. as I'm not a native English-speaking person, just a poor lonesome translator...
    The latest language trends tell one a lot about said civilization!


  • Mostly I agree, but the only one I use is Epic.. although I hate when people say thats what she said..

  • hobizzle

    Ooohh I hate it when people say cpu when they mean pc. A cpu is not a whole computer!

  • Devon

    Mah instead of my or adding extra letters like 'iht is cool' and 'ghet over iht'

    Its annoying

  • DanWilson

    The overuse of Fail should be close or in the top 10.

  • MichaelLPerry

    Beginning a statement with "Look". As if I wasn't paying attention before?

    (Thanks Mr. President)

  • "It is what it is." - Arrr! I get angry every time I hear/read it.

  • chris


  • FireSpy

    Just thought of another one but I'm too lazy to read through all these other asshats' comments to see if anyone else already mentioned it.

    Please ban #asshat for all eternity. Cause I know you have the power of Greyskull to do that.

    As seen here:

  • Haha

    Takes one to know one! lol now add that 1 to the list.

  • Definitely add that one to the list. It was extremely annoying when I was in third grade.

  • wl5

    "Legit" - not as in "my feelings about this misused phrase by today's ignorant youth are completely legit" but rather as in "that burrito was 'legit'." "Legit" is already an obnoxious slang form of the word "legitimate" - meaning "genuine or in accordance with the laws of reason". It is in no way synonymous with the slang "cool" or "awesome" or anything like that, and yet that is how it gets thrown around. I blame MC Hammer. He was not too legit to quit passing on poor language habits.

    Also hate "shawty". What the eff is that all about?

  • Bel

    I also hate the phrase, "I want in." It makes me angry. Your list made me laugh, though!

  • Kaylee

    Something that really bugs me is "SOML" or - "Story of My Life!"

    You'll be telling a story that someone can sort of relate to and then they will declare that it is also the "STORY OF [MY] LIFE!!!"

  • Kaylee

    'Sup peeps! I totes heart ur epic posts - just sayin'.
    let's connect?

    No, I'm just kidding. I do really enjoy reading these, though.

  • Oh and 'Owie' and 'Ouchie'
    Unless its to your illegitimate child its not acceptable.
    FML is getting over used too. But I am guilty of that. So no bitching.

  • "Wow thanks!" "Don't mention it"
    DON'T MENTION IT?! I just went out of my way to show how grateful I am and you would prefer if I just rudely took the gold bars you were offering me?
    Dont mention it? Fine. Next time I'll just fart at you when you hold the door open for me.

  • Sara

    While annoying and absolutely over-used, adding 'tastic to the end of normal words (as in pizza-tastic or booty-tastic) still makes me laugh. but only on the inside.

  • Janelle

    All intents and purposes IS NOT all intensive purposes. What is a "nother" as in a whole nother story? No such word, MORONS.

  • lynzerz

    I love this list, it totally cracked me up!! ((Never heard of totes... lol))

    I really never liked Epic either, but what is worse is Epic Fail! Or Fail ... I don't like how so many people are quick to point out someone's "failures". It's not like anyone is saying, "Wow, you're a winner!!!" So... why point out that you think someone is a loser?? It's not very polite.

    I also never liked "peace out". It sounds like you are turning a light switch off. I want peace... PEACE IN! hehe Or Peace Forever!

  • becskr

    Oh dear, I totally use like 3 or 4 of these phrases........... just sayin'

  • I am perturbed by those who affix the label 'hater' to anyone who holds a differing opinion. Do they really hate you for using Windows? Or do they just love their Mac more than Microsoft's offering?

    Another thing that creeps me out is the over-use of '-phobia' when someone dislikes or disagrees with what someone else is doing, saying, or where they are coming from. To be clear, we are all OK with people being different. But when you start attributing fear to that which is not scary, you aren't winning points -- or communicating yours. We aren't afraid. We are annoyed.

  • BlondeBlogger

    I will NEVER stop using "that's what she said." Never, ever!!

  • nol

    mmm ... peeps

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