19 Words That Will Always Gross You Out.


There’s a small group of words in the English language that everyone dislikes.  If the English language were a party, these words would be the guys with fake tans and Affliction t-shirts.

Listening to techno.

Beating up fat guys with bladder problems.


I’ve made it personal.

Let’s get started.

1. Moist.

Even if you’re talking about your cake, don’t use it.  Because after you say it, nobody wants to eat your cake.

2. Secrete.

This is Moist’s little brother.  Nothing that’s good is secreting. Bad shit secretes.

3. Foodie.

Especially if it’s self-proclaimed.  Like, “I’m such a foodie!  I’m looking for other foodies so we can talk about food!”    Next time just say: “I’m a virgin”

4. Panties.

I am guilty of using this one.  Every time I say it, people flee in horror.  Or more specifically, ask me why I’m whispering, then flee in horror.


5. Country.  Without the ‘ree’.

This is like kryptonite to women.  Actually, they’re hurt by it briefly, then they come at you with the strength of a thousand suns.  Get ready to be secreting something afterward.

6. Spunk.

Saying someone ‘has a lot of spunk’ doesn’t mean what you think it means.

7. Canoodling.

Celebrities avoid paparazzi not because of the damaging photos, but because they know some dopey tabloid writer is going to use this word.

This couple is canoodling so hard right now.

This couple is canoodling so hard right now.

8. Gastropub.

Really.  You’re going to include gas in your restaurant title.

9. Coitus.

If you call your sex ‘coitus’, you’re probably not having a lot of it.

10. Douche.

This word has been used to death.  By me.  Mostly by me.  It’s gross now.

11. Gubernatorial.

I don’t know what it means.  But you know what?  I’m OK with that.

12. Minge.

Nothing can de-hottify a woman’s private region like this word.

13. Leverage.

If someone is trying to teach you something and they use the word leverage, it’s officially OK to call them a minge.


If they use this clipart, they're going to say 'leverage'.

14. Staycation.

You stayed home on your vacation?  And the only word you could think of during all that time was this?

15. Dollop.

There has to be a better way to describe that unit of measurement.



16. Discharge.

If it’s heard at a shooting range?  Fine.  In a doctor’s office?  Not so fine.

17. Smegma.

Before you know what it means, it’s not so bad.  After, it could be number one.

18. Girthy.

Even if it’s a good attribute to have, it’s just off-putting to hear.

19. Fecal.

Really?  I need to explain?

There you have it.  If you have more you can add to this list, please discharge them in my comments section.

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