The Oil Spill Re-Enacted By Cats in 1 Minute.

After reading about the devastating oil spill in the Gulf Coast, I decided to make a difference.

These off-putting cats will explain the entire oil spill in just a minute.

I saved you from having to read.


(There’s swearing)

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Cats donated by ShutterStock.

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  • After reading about the devastating oil spill in the Gulf Coast, I decided to make a difference.

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  • Marmalade! Where's my expensive MARMALADE, Cooper?!? You... tiger striped thing that comes up with bloody stupid names... stow it! You're getting on my last whisker, blast!

  • that's good, so where's the marmalade I have a butt crack to clean up.

  • the video is all hahaha and then the ending is like a punch in the gut

  • haha. awesome.

  • TN, i think this is your best vid to so far...fave part "just throw some crap on it, you know golf balls, hair, Lindsay Lohan..." complete stellarness. i heart you, i really heart you ;)

  • Nicely done with just a hint of sex, sarcasm and swearwords.

  • hehehe kinda funny!

  • Susan Di Michele Scanlon


  • OMG I heart you so much.

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