The Most Insulting Intern Job Posting Ever.


As you know, I hire interns.

And by “hire” I mean not pay. And by “interns” I mean pretty much anyone.

Could be you!

This April, I will be hiring 10 interns. The job description is as follows:

– Harassing super hot celebrities who have blocked me on Twitter
– Downloading music I can cry-dance to
– Representing Tremendous News at the United Nations Social Media Conference in Arnhem, Holland on May 18, 2010.
– Not being dumb enough to believe Tremendous News would be invited to any conferences.
– Cropping pictures

If you are interested in this, the internship will last until August 30.  You can intern from home and only need a computer and the internettyness.

To apply, please answer the following questions and send via electrical mailing by April 15.

I will announce the interns on May 1.

1. What’s a good way to tell your parents that you’re too old to have a bedtime and really, mom, I’m 29 and you can’t boss me around anymore.

2. How would you help get super hot chicks to like totally make out with me?

3. Have you ever LOLed at a lolcat?

4. What are your feelings on being bossed around by a man-boy with devastating moobs who still lives with his parents?

5. What do you think I should do on TN to make it better? Besides like, nudes.

6. How much time can you waste on me per week?

7. What’s your PIN?

8. Where do you live? Like, exactly. GPS coordinates.

Be sure to include your Twitter/Facebook/YouTube links in your application.

Send applications to before April 15!

Thank you, tiny friends!

(This is not an April Fool’s Day joke)

(Also, you don’t get paid to be an intern)

(I’m hilariously poor)

If this makes you laugh, you're immediately fired.

If this makes you laugh, you're immediately fired.