15 Hurtful Hate Comments I’ve Received On My Blog.


Me being shattered by those I least suspect to hurt me, anonymous people on the Internet.

As many of you know, I’m emotionally fragile.

I cry-dance to Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in my parents’ basement.

That’s my Saturday.


And nothing unravels me more than the hurtful comments I receive from my readers.

Which, for some odd reason, many of you asked me to compile.

Here they are, 15 comments I’ve received on Tremendous News! over the last year that aren’t very pleasant.

I’ve shortened some, and taken these from a variety of my articles.  They may be confusing, but still.

Feast on my pain.

1. Nothing like articles written by 13 year old kids who know nothing.  Maybe you should have took your own advice when you chose such a rubbish (and ironic) name for your site.

2. Lay off of the Enter key. Have you ever heard of a paragraph? Damn, son.

3. A bigger douche is the one who sits glued to his computer for a few hours trying to come up with a clever article that attempts to define “douche.” Oh, the irony.

4. Er, you seem to be exactly the douche bag you’re describing. I’m glad my life’s not stuck in the bog of social media – I just visit occasionally. But I take exception to the fact that just because I have an iMac computer with an Apple emblem on it, you call me a douche bag. Ah, but I’ve fallen into your trap, wasting precious time on someone whose life is stuck in the bog of social media. Keep it up – you’re doing good…. inconsequentially.

5. WHAT! point #4 completely describes you in point #3. you have a devastantingly bad sense of humor.

6. Excuse me for telling you but buying steroids for bodybuilding is not somethng that “douchebags” do. Maybe there are normal and nice people there who do this from many other reasons. You should know better than that.

7. maybe you dont get remembered because you are fat and fugly

8. What about the guy who blogs about different twitter pics? I think that should top the list….I mean really…is there absolutely nothing else going on in your life?

9. you have an MBA? you know those ones you buy online don’t *actually* count as real degrees, right?

10. who fuckin cares, i hardly remember my close friends birthday, get over yourself. dont add people ass friends on facebook if you dont want them to say happy birthday, yor a dumb fuck!!!!!!! all you people pointing out flaws ro facebook saying its terrible, then just get rid of yours, i hate you fucking people. your way or the high way always you selfish prik.

11. I think the true definition of a douchebag is someone who spends his/her “valuable” time concocting these pathetic little attention grabbers. Honestly, don’t you people have anything better to do than criticize others?

12. I think the author of this article:

1. Is a nerd( probably can’t afford affliction).

2. never has a fast suped up car.

3. Does not like loud music.

4.Was not allowed in many good clubs.

5. Never went to the gym

* did I say was a picked on a lot and a nerd that probably never got any PU$y ?!

13. Just stumbled upon this, and your writing style is pretty irritating. You don’t need a new line for every sentence, and you don’t need to write the entire article in fragments. I don’t use twitter, but I’m sure it’s just as annoying as you make it out to be. So good article, just get someone else to write it for you

14. Good job in throwing up a post to call attention and drive traffic. You achieved it with me. I only wish your reasons weren’t as superficial and poorly thought out…

15. this sucked.

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