Announcing The Twitter Halloween Costume Contest!


I like Halloween.

The scary ghouls and goblin crap I don’t care for.

The candy I like.

I turn off my house lights and stay very still in my parents basement so kids just pass by.

That’s mean.  They’re just tiny kids.

Yeah, but those shithead kids want candy.

So as they tirelessly ring my doorbell, I retreat into the darkness of the basement and eat all the candy my mom bought for them.


Constantly feeding.

Then my mom comes home and asks me how the trick-or-treating went.

Awesome, mom.  Awesome.

Another reason why I enjoy Halloween is because it’s a magical time where hot chicks wear pretty much nothing.

Then they parade around the pubs in their tiny panties.

You can totally see their whole like, area and stuff.


Today, I have a special announcement.

I am announcing a Twitter Halloween Costume Contest.  It’s called #tncostumecontest.

If you dress up your avatar, just nominate yourself by tweeting #tncostumecontest and you’re entered.

If you see someone with a dressed-up avatar, nominate them by tweeting #tncostumecontest and their username and they’re entered.

That simple.

On October 28th, we’ll narrow down the nominations to 10 finalists.

Then you can vote right here for your favorite.

The winner will be declared the best person on Twitter on Halloween night.

And also, I’ll draw them a hand-sketched cartoon and post it right here on Tremendous News!

That’s a shitty prize.

Whatever, I’m poor.

So far, there have been over 50 nominations for #tncostumecontest.

Here are a few of the avatars nominated.







This is *not* a lolcat.  I repeat.  This is *not* a lolcat.

This is *not* a lolcat. I repeat. This is *not* a lolcat. @ethanthecat

You can see all of the real-time nominations here.

Just to show you how easy it is to dress up your avatar,  I’ll dress up an avatar for you.

Here’s my intern, Peanut.


Now, this is Peanut after I dressed him up in a festive Halloween outfit.


As you can tell, he is now a pirate with a penis affixed to his head, crying while about to kiss my bum.

It’s not the best costume.

But it’s a pretty fine costume.

So there you have it.  Nominate yourself (the best option because really?  Don’t wait for your “twitter friends”) or nominate someone else.

Oh! And if you find me to be boring, you can watch this video that tiny friend Charlotte Barker made to explain the contest.

Here are some sites you can use to fancy-up your avatar.
[1:15:40 PM] Ben McNulty:
[1:15:50 PM] Ben McNulty:
[1:15:58 PM] Ben McNulty:
[1:16:01 PM] Dee: thanks
[1:16:07 PM] Ben McNulty:
[1:16:36 PM] Ben McNulty: and include a link to this site
[1:16:39 PM] Ben McNulty:

Follow me here to make me cry on Twitter.

Good luck!

Thanks to Alexia Lei for the lead image.