3 Major Letterman Gaffes This Year: Which Was The Most Embarrassing?


Earlier today, David Letterman admitted that he was the victim of an alleged extortion plot.  Someone was trying to get $2M from Letterman to stay quiet about him having sex with female members of his staff.

So basically, he admitted to totally doing members of his staff.

Holy poopy-pants!

You sit there and tell me you’re not shocked by that.



But then I thought about his past year.  It hasn’t been very good to David, has it?

Recall the following events and pick the worst thing that’s happened to him this year.

1. Leno Retiring, Conan Taking Over, Then Leno Returning.

How great is it to know that the competition that has constantly beaten you in ratings is about to exit.

It would be like if lolcats exited the Internet.  Then I’d have, like, so more readers!

That was David Letterman.

Leno was about to exit. Conan was taking over.

Letterman could finally be the late-night champion.

Instead, Leno returns at 10pm. Conan and Letterman play tug-of-war for ratings.

What a very unfunny turn of events.

Paradoxical, even.

2. The Palin Joke.

In June, Letterman made a joke about former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin.

He mused that New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez would knock up her younger daughter during a baseball game.

This caused instant uproar.

Letterman had to later apologize.

And really.  I’ve had to apologize for being offensive thousands of times.

It’s never fun.

3. Letterman Admits To Being A Victim Of Extortion; Admits To Having Sex With Female Staff Members.

It’s unknown whether this happened before or after his wedding.

All that’s known is that he was asked to pay $2 M to someone who claimed to know about his relations with female staff members.

The story is developing.

You finally used a cool news term!

I know right!  I feel so super-nerdy!

Now you pick.

Which Letterman fiasco was the worst?

I’ll be here.

Developing the story.