How To Use Your Blog To Terrorize Tech Geeks.


We must make this man like us. We need to make him feel like he does when he compiles without any null pointer exceptions.

Super hot chicks stay with me.

This article is about nerd stuff.

Wait.  Wait.  I’ll relate it to you.

Then afterward you can totally let me do stuff to you.

Hot stuff.

To your bods.

For the nerds reading this, sorry.  That was a conversation I needed to have with my core audience of hot women.

You wouldn’t know anything about that.

I’ve discovered that there is a young man living somewhere on this planet that has a nerdy new toy I need.

It’s actually just a piece of code.

But if you install this code on your site, the comment section comes alive.

Example.  I write about how I want to do stuff to super hot chicks reading this.  Then two super hot chicks who were mistakenly led here after being lost from Superficial and Perez Hilton read my post, get offended and want to give me a piece of their mind.

So they leave me comments.

Ew! There’s no way I’d ever let a gross, obese, hairy terroristy looking dude ever touch my super amazing body.  I’m like totally deleting this site from my Inner net.

So then, right there. Right after reading that, that’s when I usually unravel emotionally.

But not with this nerdy code.

With this code, the one hot chick can combine forces with the other hot chick to destroy my fragile emoticons.

Oh I know! Right? He’s all thinking he’s so great with his “blog”.  Ha!  Yeah like that’s going to make me want to drop my super tiny panties.  A “blogger”.

HEHEHEhaH! Omigod! I didn’t know you could comment right after me!  That’s so cool.

Weird!  It’s like we’re chatting on this virgin’s blog.

I’m so glad I met you.  Let’s totally make out somewhere and invite the dudes from Mashable to watch us.

How hurtful.

Usually, someone leaves a comment then leaves.  Then hours later, another person reads the comment and replies.  It’s slow.  It’s boring.

It makes me refresh 83900 times more times than I have to.

Hey.  I’m unemployed.

Your comments are all I have.

But with Echo, it’s completely different.  You can comment, and in real time, chat with other people.  You can Tweet, Facebook, Friendfeed, Friendster that shit.

I think you can even post it to Prodigy Online.


Prodigy Online.

That’s why I need it.

The problem is that it’s so top secret that this dude, Khris Loux, is giving it first to the most amazing blogs in the whole wide universe.

If you’re reading this, Loux, Echo will have a good home here.

It’ll be treated well by readers looking for new ways to deliver their hate to me.

How do I help you launch a nerdy request for Echo?  I pretty much have nothing else going on in my life.

Excellent!  Me neither.  It’s this, and then maybe some Golden Girls reruns later.  The one where Rose burns down the kitchen!

Actually I just said that to humor you.  I totally have better things to do.

Damn you, schizophrenic voice in my head!  If you want to help out, just tweet to Khris Loux and tell him I’m Echo-worthy and should get it immediately.

I hear there is already one blog that has it.

I’m fine with being number 2.

Just don’t give it to Mashable.

They’re too busy watching hot chicks make out.

  • nice post

  • Madeline Cole

    Khris Loux happens to be my step dad, no joke – i'm serious, actually. haha i was just looking him up on google to see what would come up- and this did. I must admit i'm not to familiar with his work- but he's definitely not a nerd- he wind surfs and kite boards, and stuff like that and he's actually really cool (which i guess is kinda weird to hear from a teenager talking about their step dad….) but ya, he's pretty cool. I'm not sure if u already have echo- but don't be shy to just ask him, he's not a freak or anything. tweet him or something, idk. but ya.

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