In Defense Of Richard Jefferson: Bailing On Your Wedding Isn’t A Crime.

See? It happens both ways! But really: call a cab, lady. Have you ever been on a bus? It's a convoy of mental patients.

See? It happens both ways! But really: call a cab, lady. Have you ever been on a bus? It's a convoy of mental patients.

Oh dear God.

You’re already mad.

I can feel it deep down inside my super-fat body.

In this post you’re going to read my defense of a man who bailed on his own wedding just days before it happened.

Told you.

Already mad.

In the news, there are reports of NBA star Richard Jefferson sending an electronic mailing to his fiancee calling off their wedding.

There are reports that he tried to buy her off with a settlement, too.


The truth, from Mr. Jefferson, is that he sent an email with all his thoughts, then called and spoke with his fiancee to break off the wedding.

Days before the wedding.  He didn’t leave her at the altar.

Now, many women reading this are throwing their super-hot hands up in the air calling me a douchebag for defending a douchebag.

How very hurtful.

They’re swiftly unsubscribing to my nerdy RSS feed.

Wait, friends.

Here’s my point.

Richard Jefferson did that marriage a favor.  He was unsure.  Wasn’t ready.  So instead of just plunging into a marriage just to save face and then divorcing later, he called it off before it happened.

Of course there are strong elements of douchebaggyness with how soon he did it before the wedding.

Of course he should’ve done it a lot earlier, but who knows how crazy their relationship was.

The point is, if Jefferson married her, and divorced her six months from now nobody would say anything.

Wow.  For some weird reason everything sounds way more important in italics.  Right?  I mean right now, you’re like, wow, this must be important because it’s in italics.  I am compelled to believe this is more important than the non-italicized part of this horrible post.


I’ll stop.

Back to Jefferson.  Not even a gender issue.  If it were her doing the ditching, I’d defend her as well.

The fact is, nobody respects marriage anymore.  This dude bailed on one he thought was going to end in divorce.

Think that’s easy?  He’s getting trashed in the media.  His image?  Shattered.

He (and I) are also sure to get trashed in the comments of this post.

But he did it.

And for that, I commend him.

For the way he did it I don’t.  He should’ve done it earlier.  But whatever.

At least he didn’t go through with it, then screw her life over with a divorce.

This is where I ask you anonymous Internet people what you think and then you respond by trashing me personally until I cry all over myself.


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