5 News Outlets That Do Social Media Well And 1 That Doesn’t.

If you looked at this image and focused on the 3 and a 1/2 inch disks, you're a complete nerd.  Don't worry.  I did too.

If you looked at this image and focused on the 3 and a 1/2 inch disks, you’re a complete nerd. Don’t worry. I did too.

The news is changing. The way we receive it. Digest it. Process it.

All different.

A massive army of Internet nerds have demanded that the news be delivered to them in a completely different way. They don’t want to sit and read a paper like they’re medieval.

Fuck that.

They want it electrically fed to them. Facebooked. Instant messaged. SMSed. PHPHTMLed.

Totally just made that last one up.

But you get the idea.

They want the news to be nerdified.

So newspapers, magazines, TV stations are clamoring to enter the social media universe. Nobody wants to be the last ones in.

You know what happens when a TV station in Waco, TX goes bankrupt?

They blame the Internet.

I told y’all we needed to facespace all y’alls news reports!

Boss, I swear. I was fixna’ twit next week.


Hilariously rednecky.

Sometimes this rush to take a news outlet and make it instantly effective as a social media entity backfires.

We’re not dumb.

We can tell when you try too hard.

I was trying to pick an example of something. Someone. Some tiny piece of media in the world that over-social-medialized.

Then I got lazy and watched 13 consecutive repeats of The Office.

While drinking 7 dollar wine.

While eating ramen noodles.


Try to resist this.

It was at that moment when an anonymous, creepy reader of Tremendous News! sent me an electronic mailing with a tip that was just outstanding.

Welcome to Columbus, Ohio.

Here, there’s a CBS affiliate called WBNS-TV 10. They have a news programme.

A year ago, this news programme decided to enter social media by making a TV10 user account that would send their news out onto Twitter in short, 140 character messages. They even have a Facebook fan page.

They called this user account the TV10 Bot.

Get it? It’s supposed to be a robot. Tweeting. News.

I know.

You’re wondering why you should care.

Last week, TV10 celebrated the first birthday of their Bot.

The birthday.

In the article, they actually interview the bot. Let’s harvest his insight:

We noticed other television stations were using Twitter and social media, but we wanted to make it different.

The Bot continues:

They started asking me questions about my favorite color, favorite movie and ice cream flavor and I replied. They were floored!

Unpack this for a moment.

This “bot” is obviously some dude at the news station who got demoted from traffic and assigned to “Social Media” because it’s way easier than canning him.

In a lot of ways, he could’ve made a difference. He could’ve established a forceful presence.

Instead, he took himself way too seriously.

People were kind of surprised by my snarky-ness.



A lot of Web users say things over a computer that they might not normally say in person. I would kind of put them in their place.

No you wouldn’t.

You can parse through his tweet stream here. Try finding one that was snarky. One that put anyone in their place.

I am floored that I have nearly 5,000 followers.

Trust me. So is everyone else.

We started getting replies on Twitter from people who said that they did not just want to read our headlines, the Bot said.


Now I’ll list some news outlets that I admire for their social media presence. These are publications I don’t mind creepily staring at on Facebook. Or following on Twitter. Or even adding on Hi5.

I feel like I’m the only one still on Hi5. Let’s give it a chance, people!

Here’s a list of 5 News Publications that social medialize well.

Oh dear.

I’m all Mashable-like now.

Are you scared?

Me too.

Let’s tweak the nipples of the list-name a little bit.

5 News Publication That Don’t Annoy You On Social Media.

1. The Globe and Mail.

Tremendous News, you are totally whoring out to the one publication that recognized your startling accomplishments. We can see through the façade. I feel like you’re violating my trust.

OK honestly? You sound like a big loser. Nobody talks like that. The Globe and Mail has been one of my favorite news publications since I was just a tiny-but-startlingly- obese boy. Their ability to immerse writers into the social media universe is tremendous. Go to the globeandmail.com and tell me I’m wrong.

You won’t.

You won’t because you’re way too lazy to do that work.

Aren’t you?


2. The New York Times.

Sure, I’ve made fun of the New York Times often on Tremendous News! Like when I predicted they’d fold. Or turn into a series of Facebook Notes. But I like what they’ve done at the Times. They have good online presence.

Patrick LaForge has been a vital weapon for the Times. Even though his Twitter profile picture looks like he’s conducting some type of nerdy webcam peep show.

Which is why I followed him.

3. Global News, Toronto Canada.

There’s this anchor on Global, a local TV station, named Leslie Roberts. I’ve overheard my girlfriend mention that he’s attractive. Silently, this emotionally unravels me.  He’s all old while I’m young and super-hot.  But there’s obviously something about him that I don’t have.  Looks, a career, money, intelligence.


Leslie does a “Twitter Time” where he picks a few tweets and answers them on the air. Sure, it’s pretty teleprompted, but he looks good doing it.

Which is why I hate him.

4. Wall Street Journal.

When I was arrested by alarming poverty, I had to make a few changes. Instead of making a sandwich for lunch, I’d smear peanut butter on a playing card. Also, I had to cancel the WSJ, one of my beloved news publications.

So I went online and discovered that the Journal was everywhere. The presence on Facebook and Twitter was astounding. I loved the AfricanAmericanBerry application. And all of it?


5. The Guardian.

The Guardian opened up all of their nerdy data to developers, which is a major step forward for a newspaper.  I reported this in Tremendous News! in March with 3 reasons why I loved it. I was a little drunk, I won’t lie.  But if you read the article, I alert my readers why this was a great move for The Guardian and then immediately discuss the cock and balls of Darth Vader.

That’s where I am intellectually.


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