4 Ways To Ensure Your Article Will Never Go Viral.

Is it just me, or does nobody look like this when they tell someone a secret?

Is it just me, or does nobody look like this when they tell someone a secret?

When I founded Tremendous News in February 2009, I said to myself:

I will make this site so super viral people will use the term “tremendousy newsy” instead of “viral”.


Hey Todd!  Did you see that hot vid of a monkey peeing into his own mouth?  It went Tremendousy Newsy in like 3 hours!

Dude, did you just say “hot vid”?


So lame, man. So lame. Who says “hot vid”?

Dude, your name’s “Todd.”  I can pretty much say anything I want.

But Tremendous News! never went viral.  In fact, I had just a handful of readers.  My traffic ranking trailed that of LiquidationWorldOrlando.com which went out of business in October 2003.


They had nice pants.

Here’s what I do on my site.

If you want to make your articles go viral, don’t do any of these.

1. Swear The Fuck Out.

My natural writing voice is profane and obscene.  So even when I write about the economic stimulus bill, I manage to crowbar in “shitface fucktard” into a commentary of blind reverse auctions of toxic bank assets.

This makes people label me “NSFW”

Not Safe For Work.

This will immediately kill the lifeblood of your article.  

Let’s try an example. Here’s two options.  Which would you rather click?

Why is Silver The Best Investment Today?

Why is Bitch-Ass Silver Not a Piece-of-Shit Investment?


I punished you with one of those.

And you know exactly how.

2. Piss Off Every Social Media Site.

The first thing I do after writing an article is immediately submit it to social media sites like Digg and Reddit.  Then I StumbleUpon my own article.  Then I will write a comment about my own article, pretending like I’m just a regular reader and not the writer himself.

12:00AM New article posted on Tremendous News: Why Is Bitch-Ass Silver Not a Piece of Shit Investment?

12:01AM Submitted to Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon by tremendousN

12:02AM New Comment on Why Is Bitch-Ass Silver Not a Piece of Shit Investment?: “Hey man great article.  Everyone should read this and send it to their friends.  Great job author!  – tremendousN

12:03AM Buried on Digg, Reddit, and never StumbledUpon.

12:04AM New Comment on Why Is Bitch-Ass Silver Not a Piece of Shit Investment?: Lame, man.  So lame.  – Todd.

3. Piss Off Every Big Guy On Twitter.

There are several individuals on Twitter that can make or break your article.  The Power Brokers Of Nerdy Fortune.  In their super-nerdy ways, they have amassed a devastatingly large number of followers.  So if you piss them off, they’ll tweet something like this.

Hey people!  Tremendous News is a pretty good site.  If you like comas.

Then they will tweet out hundreds of links to Beautiful New WordPress Themes and Why Twitter Is The New Broadcasting Medium.

In other words, they will destroy you.

Here is the current status of my relationship with every Twitter Power Broker. If you’re not on this list, I have yet to piss you off.

Or you have me blocked.

Or you’ve never heard of me.

@GuyKawasaki: Dicey.  Guy is undecided about TN being on AllTop.com because it  has no focus.  That’s fair.  It doesn’t.  Except for a laser-beam focus on bitch-ass silver.

@zaibatsu: Who even knows?  Doesn’t reply to my DMs.  Possibly because I bore him with hundreds a day.  And most of them are explicit.

@mashable: Piss-poor. No attention.  So in response, this is what I do when I meet nerdy girls at the bar.

Hey do you know the site mashable?  That good looking guy who runs it is my older brother.

Really?  No way! Because you’re really fat and kind of gross.

Genetics.  He’s giving me seed money for my site, Tremendous News dot com.

Is that an extension cord holding your pants up?

@iamkhayyam: Decent. Told me my site’s “not as bad as it looks” What does that even mean?

@jason_pollock: Decent. Although I think he NSFW’s me secretly when I’m not looking.

@mayhemstudios Great!  Will promote pretty much anything on TN.  In fact, if you’re reading this because he linked it?  Told you.

@webaddict @phaoloo @buzzedition @tommytrc @murnahan No idea who I am.

4. Write the Worst Headlines.

Most articles have amazing headlines.  Mine are plagued with grammatical problems.  If you scroll through the sidebar on your right, you’ll notice that I’ve pretty much reduced this site to dozens of lists.  Every day with the lists.  It’s because I know why you click on lists, and now I’m too frightened that any non-list article will be horrible.

Also, I’m alarmingly lazy.


That’s what I have so far.  I appreciate you adding your own thoughts.

I’ll be here monitoring the brainstorm.

Watching hot vids of monkeys peeing in their mouth.


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  • You misquoted me… this is what I said about you!

    “Follow @tremendousnews. That is, if you have a terminal disease that will be ending your life very soon…”

    A foul mouth and shitty investigation skills… ya… keep it up buddy, you’re going to be the next big Tremendously Newsy thing?! Man are you ever lost in your little world – Sarcasm VI in the Retardation Galaxy? I can’t remember, are there three moons orbiting Sarcasm VI?

    Live long and prosper, loser.

  • Ironically although I came here via zaibatsu (autofollow is such a bitch) your 4 reasons not to are exactly the 4 reasons why I would read you.

    Pissing off Power Twitter users? That’s better than sucking up to their incredibly vacuous existences 😉 Go for it…

  • Hey, I know who you are, you goat-yanking silver pushing fucktard! I mostly just tweet your shit to annoy you. Does that make me Tremendousy Newsy? I think so. 😀

    You are the kind of tweep I would love to buy a beer. Keep being Tremendousy Newsy!

  • Oh so I get the DM’s from you with the endearing “Ayers this is for you”, and now I know I am not special in the least – btw nice job pulling in the last name there you should put that into your next “how to get noticed by the chicks post”. I RT all of your ostentatiously abrasive one liners – losing about 5 followers with each one (10 when I retweeted this post) and I am left out of the honorable mention like so much fodder! You really do have that piss off thing down don’t you. ;D

    Well Tremendousy Newsy keep it up. 🙂

  • @TPHD



  • Haha! Reg Saddler (@zaibatsu) just linked to this article in Twitter.

  • This has got to be the funniest thing I’ve seen all week! Would love to hear more about your thoughts on bitch-ass silver in this economy though

  • Why not just write numerous articles about how to lose weight by reducing calories and exercising more? Be sure to stuff with every misspelled manifestation of keywords like “loose weight” etc.

  • @TPHD


  • I love your sarcasm-laced articles! I’ve had several laugh out loud moment, thank you!

    Oh also, @zaibatsu knows you, its how I found you!

  • SandiHockeyMom

    haa, i found u through @zaibatsu too!

  • Alex

    Almost fell off my chair by reading this. Ways to go! Im watching you 🙂

  • +1

    btw: I wrote about you thins week in the Times of London. Saying how funny you were &c. And now here you are swearing your ass off & making me look like a jerk. I hate you. You magnificent bastard.

  • 3. Piss Off Every Big Guy On Twitter.

    I did this once – to one set of BIG GUYS on Twitter – when I was newer. I disagreed with something they had said – it got RT a few times -I got suspended for spamming. How was I know they had 250k+ followers and you are not allowed to criticize anything they say!

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