Picking Up Women: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.


You’ve seen pick-ups go bad.

I can tell.

Seen, attempted, cried later.

You’ve tried to pick up someone and it went horribly wrong.

Don’t lie.

Today, I’ll guide you through the art of picking up women, sliced and diced in three different ways.  As you may know, I’m definitely not a pick-up artist. I’m a quiet, shy and doughy-faced individual. I leave that skill to the experts. And, in my life, I’ve learned from these experts. Here’s three of them that I remember. The good, the bad, and the outrageously ugly.

The Good.

On a rainy Tuesday night in Florida, friend Les and I sit in a hurricane-battered bar named Fuglies and sip on the pee-water that is Bud Light.

This place sucks.

It did completely, as I nodded my head in agreement with, well, me.

It’ll get better.

Always the voice of reason, Les convinced me to stay. What we saw next was a mass influx of gorgeous blonds, brunettes, and a red-head or two. I asked the bartendress what the hell was going on. We were on Merritt Island, a geriatric metropolis with an average age of 160. She said tonight was ladies night. And shit, was she right.

The place began to fill with girls, and more girls, and even more girls until finally, it was wall-to-wall mayhem. And even in this thick glittery forest of gorgeousness, it was a man that caught our attention. Not just any man. But a man who looked like the biggest hillbilly I have ever seen in my life. He had:

1. A raunchy, unkempt moustache that joined itself with random patches of hair dispersed unevenly across his cheeks and chin; it was as if his face were a defective chia pet.

2. An aged and faded NASCAR jacket and beneath, a wife-beater peppered with cigarette burn holes, mustard stains and general yellowness.

3. Sunglasses. At night.

He made his way through a maze of hotness, this hickbilly did, and approached one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen in Florida. When he tapped her on the shoulder, she turned to look.

I told my friends up here by Cocoa a story I did. Y’all wanna hear it?

She said yes.

I thought, what the fuck does that even mean?

And then he told his story. This majestic story of a hot rod, lightnin’ quick and a crash by them barrier islands. Riding hogs up ta’ Daytona, something about fixin to holler at some unnamed individual, naked loud-talkin’ broads and a case a’ Bud a’ day. He finally stopped, and in the silence, they both looked at each other.

Les and I braced ourselves.

Now, what would general logic tell you happens next?  If the world were balanced, would you not think this beautiful woman would say, listen, pee-stained, chia-pet faced man, get away from me before I alert the authorities. She would say that right?



He got her telephonic number. Somehow. He got her to dance with him. Someway. He even made out with her. All as Les and I witnessed. And like refracted light and my undergrad thesis, I could not explain it. I can only witness as it passed me by.

Thrillbilly genius.

The Bad.

In a quaint, tiny village in eastern Holland, so east that it kisses the German border, you find me drinking again. This time, it’s at the “harvest festival” of Deitenheim or Gutenberg or whatever this village is named. Deitengoo-gooberg, perhaps. The entire village is here, drinking, partying, and dancing with pure reckless abandon. I’m with my friend Frans, who lives here, and an assortment of his friends. One of them is a short blonde girl with big, blue eyes. Here’s me talking to her.

Yeah so honestly, I don’t think I even know that many Dutch people.

No? Too bad. Of course, the Dutch are generally nice people. We like to have party like these for good fun…

As I talk to her, a guy approaches. Stops. Notices her. Draws closer.

He takes his hand and grabs the top of her head like it was a jar of peanut butter. And then. And then. What happened next was almost surreal.

He licks her face.

From her chin up to her temple, just one big lick. Like a kid would do to ice cream dripping from a cone. Licked her face. My eyes nearly popped right out of my head, I’ve never seen this before. This guy just leapfrogged over every step of seduction in just one lick.

After the licking was over, he walked away and yelled yeaaaaaaaaaah! and pointed at her, smiling.

So when do you fly back? she asked, turning back to me.

Are you serious? What about the random face gross-ass lick I just saw?

Um, I’m touring Spain first, then uh going back in a couple of wee—hey, um, did you know that guy? Because he just licked your face.

Oh, she giggled. No, I don’t. But I told you, the Dutch are generally nice people.

The Ugly.
In a messy dorm room in college, on a lazy Sunday afternoon when I should have been doing homework, I installed Yahoo! Instant Messenger. If you have installed Yahoo! Instant Messenger, you’ll know that you are asked to create your online profile first. I must have rushed through it, because after the following events occurred, I went back and checked and realized that for SEX I accidentally clicked “Female”. It was accidental, you nerds. I swear on seven million of my gods.

I log on. The shit goes banonkers. New messages appear.


Seconds later.





Me: “Dude, I’m a dude.

Kaju99 has logged off.

In summary, I was sexually assaulted electronically by a random Indian guy named Kaju. And I now understand the plight of owning ovaries. Kaju99, you have taught me well.

There you have it. The pick-up explained in three different ways. Some better than others. Which brings me to my poignant question.

What was the best or worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

Or was it just a lick?

You can share.

  • I’ve seen many pickups & attempted pickups. But one of the weirdest was when a sort of nebbishy friend got really baked at a John Mellencamp concert and said to a random (underage) girl who was dancing several feet away from him: “I can taste you.”

    I thought that was the wackest (and most out-of-left field) line I’d ever heard (almost as wack as the Mellencamp concert itself). But the girl was stoned too, and she bit. Within a minute or two, they were making out. By the end of the night, they were essentially dating.

    Long story short: my 21 year old, mild mannered/nebbishy, 3rd year sophomore friend who always, more or less, tagged along & stayed in the background of our social group, met his 16/17 year old girlfriend (H.S. junior was she) by telling her that he could taste her & by immediately sticking his tongue down her throat.

  • I thought I had seen just about every pick up approach there was from “my wife just died” to “I’m conducting a survey”. Clearly I am mistaken, as I have never been the victim of a random face licking.

    For whatever it’s worth, I find you completely adorable and tremendous.

    I hope the fact that I am happily married and hopelessly unavailable does not dissuade you from accepting the compliment.

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  • Kaju99 has lessons for us all.

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  • I’m with katdish,
    I find you insanely adorable. I read you avidly and wait by my inbox for your latest missives. Is it love? Give me a chance to divorce my husband, get tons of plastic surgery to make up for the decades of age difference, rent a villa in France and we can explore it.

  • Pooba~

    on a night out with the girls, just to drink beer and dance… a guy comes up to me and asks me to slow dance… not wanting to hurt his feelings I say… “Sorry I don’t SLOW dance,,, at least not vertically”

    i thought that was a nice way of saying “I wouldn’t slow dance with the likes of you…”

    and in july we will be celebrating 17 years of being together…

    guess we DID dance,,, slowly AND not vertically!

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  • This past New Year’s Eve my friend captured some key bar moments surreptitiously and then compiled it into a very short feature film. (Basically, there’s dancing, and then there’s *dancing*). It’s called “WTF?” http://tr.im/wtfdance

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  • I never laughed so hard in my whole life reading a blog, but yours makes me lol and I'm not too far from India. Thanks

  • victimized

    well.. I hope your happy. Kaj and I had a good thing going. Internet wrecker

  • mKay, I thought the Swedish foreign exchange student had some bet going but, if you're not fwm, I've experienced the bad. It. Was. Bad. There was no part of me thinking it was “friendly.”

  • the worst was when i was at work telling a waiter i was going out with my gfs later, and somehow he took that as invitation. he walks up to me at the end of our shift and says, 'are you ready?'. i'm like, 'for what?' and he smiles, 'to go out'. sneaky little bastard. i obliged because i felt bad for him. i thought he was either deaf or didn't understand english very well. turns out he was partially deaf. and persian.

  • rhondabarton

    I was about 20 at the time and was at a bar with a male friend. He had gone to the bathroom while I sat and waited. Out of the blue this big, huge ugly, hairy man comes along and plants a wet sloppy kiss on me! I tried to push him off but come on 250+ lbs against barely 100 lbs? I sat there stunned. My friend came back and asked what was up and I explained to him what happened. He asked me which guy it was, but in the dark smokey crowded bar, and the fact I was either in shock or temporarily blinded by his ugliness I could not give a description of the perpetrator. I wish I had the ninja skils I do today because I would have b*tch slapped that guy!

  • Nielo

    I'm Dutch, but I've never seen anybody lick anyone's face. Ever. Thankfully.
    Gross. XD

  • Earley Days Yet

    As someone with ovaries, I can attest to that last. Men seem to think that woman in chatroom = woman walking into a swingers club topless with her eyes closed: an open invitation for groping.

    The worst ever? Actually, I'm going to blog post it, it's a bit long, so drop by edyet.tk and have a read! 🙂

  • Earley Days Yet

    As someone with ovaries, I can attest to that last. Men seem to think that woman in chatroom = woman walking into a swingers club topless with her eyes closed: an open invitation for groping.

    The worst ever? Actually, I'm going to blog post it, it's a bit long, so drop by edyet.tk and have a read! 🙂