Comparing the World’s Cheapest Car to the World’s Crappiest Car.

Tata Nano, worlds cheapest car.

Tata Nano, world's cheapest car.

1991 Buick LeSabre, the worlds crappiest car.  Couldnt even get us to the Target on the south side so we could buy a new router.

1991 Buick LeSabre, the world's crappiest car. Couldn't even get us to the Target on the south side so we could buy a new router.

Many bloggers get into blogging to land women.

They think, “if only I can get 1000 subscribers to my RSS feed, hot chicks will be all over this.”  They say that while staring at their bathroom mirror, wearing their Battlestar Galactica t-shirt, tweaking their nipples.

How entirely vile.

Here at Tremendous News, we’ve resigned ourselves to the cold, dark reality of just having you.

Today, we are going to compare the new Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car, against our car, the 1991 Buick LeSabre.  It’s the first time we have ever revealed the official car of Tremendous News.

Ladies, try to control yourself.


Tata Nano: 32-horsepower, 624-cc, 2-cylinder engine mounted in the rear.

Buick LeSabre: Engine mounted at front.  If it’s cold outside, like anything below 50 degrees, the car will go into cardiac arrest.  You crank the ignition.  Pray.  Crank the ignition again.  Convert to Buddhism.  Pray to Buddha.  Crank again.  Then it starts smoking.  The smoke tells you that the radiator over drove the alternator, and the transmission needs to be re-flushed.  Translated: take the bus.

Winner: Tata Nano.

Interior Cabin.

Tata Nano: The Nano is capable of seating four adults.

Buick LeSabre: The Buick is capable of seating 11 adults.  We know this because we tried to go to a Drive-In once in college and we fit half our dorm floor into the car.  Only Stew, the pint-size Music major, barely fit.  So we threw Stew into the trunk. When we finally released him at the beginning of South Park: The Movie he commented that he felt the trunk had a lot of underrated head room.  Then he coughed up velcro.

Winner: Tata Nano.


Tata Nano: $2000

Buick LeSabre: Asking $425 USD as is.  Don’t ask us why there’s a rubber band attached to the steering wheel and why if you remove the rubber band, the car stops.  Our answer drives the price up.

Winner: You.  For buying such a fine American automobile.

There you have it.  The Tata Nano comes up on top in our handy comparison.  We’d include more elements to craft a much more professional review, but we’re late for the bus.