Canada Could Charge You For The Internet.


Never before in the history of mild retardation has a question like this arose:

“Should a government charge you for the Internet?”

The answer is no.  For a variety of reasons.  But the Canadian government is exploring this question right now.  Why?

Because they’re mildly retarded.

The CRTC, the federal watchdog for Canadian radio and television, is considering charging an “Internet usage fee” for every subscriber.  This levy will be extracted from Internet service providers.  You can bet your bottom dollar that the ISP’s will just pass the charge onto their customers and in the end, Canadians will be paying a fee to use the Internet.

Did I just use the phrase “bet your bottom dollar”?

It felt good.

This is probably not alarming to you.  You are probably thinking right now, why am I even reading this?  This guy uses “bet your bottom dollar” in his posts.  He’s completely outrageous.

You should be alarmed.

You should be alarmed because the Canadian government is charging this fee because they argue that the Internet is a broadcasting medium. Like radio and television.  So, since radio and television are competing against the Internet, they should be levied a fine.  They will use this money to support Canadian programming on radio and television.

Have any of you ever seen Canadian television?  It’s pretty unwatchable.

Well, except for Degrassi Junior High.  There was a kid who use to wear a top hat to school every day.  Also, he was pushing 3 feet in height.  Also, he knocked up a chick.  In grade seven!  That was good television.

But everything else sucks.

The point is that if the Canadian government charges to use the Internet, you have a government setting a precedent that is completely asinine.  The ISPs don’t control the content of the Internet.  They just give it to their customers and the customers do whatever they want with it.

For example, one customer may use the Internet to help him study new fields.  Help him expand his business.  Help him find recipes he can make for his family.

You, on the other hand, use it to read me angrily yell at you about the Canadian government.

That’s fine.  You shouldn’t be charged because this isn’t a broadcasting medium.  This isn’t like radio or television.  But knowing the Canadian government, they’ll probably actually do this.

If you ever figure out what a ‘bottom dollar’ is, bet it.

  • I completely agree that it is bogus to charge us Canadians with a fee just to use the internet; however, I disagree with your point on it not being a broadcasting medium. To be honest, that is all the internet is; especially with the advent of blogs and other new age net media such as youtube.