New York Times, Newspapers, On The Brink Of Disaster.

The New York Times.  Now found at the back of floor 4, next to the bathrooms.

The New York Times. Now found at the back of floor 4, next to the bathrooms.

It’s not surprising that the New York Times sold their building. Selling it and then leasing it back makes a lot of sense.  It will allow the Times to show the expense as paying back long-term debt.

Everyone knows that.

Well, nerds know that.

This may be the Times at the brink of failure.  Newspaper readership is down, they’re tapping a Mexican billionaire to help infuse money to save the operation and now they don’t even own their own building.  All pretty bad.

But not as bad as this.

Print your own newspaper.

It’s a concept that is being spearheaded by a company MediaNews. Basically, a newspaper will deliver a PDF file to you which you print out and read on your own.  It’ll tailor the news to the stories you like.  It even comes with ads.


Who’s going to do this.

This is probably the most ass-backward idea in the history of newspapers.  Nobody will sit there with their inkjet printer, printing a newspaper so they can read it.  Why don’t we just start writing the news for you too?  Do you want us to help you edit layout?

It’s like those restaurants where you have to assemble your own stir fry.  You pick all your vegetables, meats, noodles, and then give it to someone that cooks it in three minutes.  Why are we going to a restaurant then?  I demand to sit there like a diva and do nothing.

Plus, inkjet cartridges are expensive.