Snickers Snacklish: Owning the Language.

Ill wait for the next Taxi, thanks.

Ill wait for the next Taxi, thanks.

The New York Times has analyzed the new ad campaign for Snickers.  After reading their analysis, you can conclude the following:

Someone from Snickers PR’ed the fuck out of the New York Times.

You would think the Times would be more discerning when evaluating this campaign. We sure will be.  Here’s a quick synopsis:

Snickers is introducing their new language.  It’s called ‘Snacklish’.  A Taxi is a Snaxi.  A planetarium is a Peanutarium.  The word ‘compensation’ becomes ‘chompensation’.

And we all die a little on the inside.

The Times spins this ad campaign as the “we’re all poor because of the economy, and this ad campaign will allow us to feast on something affordable.”  Really?  It’s a chocolate bar.  This isn’t the Great Depression.  Are we all hobos on a train?   Do we have those sticks with the polka-dot handkerchief keeping our knickers together?  Remind us that a Taxi is now a ‘Snaxi’, and we immediately scrounge together the coins we’ve saved up to purchase a chocolate bar?

How dare you, Snickers.

This campaign fails for several reasons.  First, it tries to ‘own a language’, but will anyone actually use it outside the campaign advertisements?  Are you going to start telling people you’re thinking about pursuing a degree in “snackonomics”?   Are you going to start calling your friend Stuart, “Chewart”?  Or in a fight with your girlfriend are you going to say, “honey I’m going to the bar, and I’ll come back when you’re less nougamentative.”


Another reason why this fails is because it just makes me think of chocolate in general.  I don’t need someone to put me in a “nougaplex” to get me to think of Snickers.

Chewarts across the world should be pissed.

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  • bc

    Like all American advertising that tries to be funny, this too is oh-so-weak.

    What is it about Americans that makes U.S. advertising agencies so afraid to be as clever, sexy or subtle as the European ads always seem to be?

  • DFrank

    I think this ad campaign is pretty funny. I find nothing offensive about it. Snickers has always made such ads., why be so surprised or outraged? This commonplace for Snickers. It’s just a chocolate peanut bar, so either you want to one or you don’t. Don’t make it seem like an ad is the reason you do or don’t want one.