AfricanAmericanBerry Bolds Overheating in Japan.

Apparently, BlackBerry Bold, the hot new phone from RIM, is having a tough time staying cool in Japan.  Reports state that the Bolds are sometimes overheating while charging.  None have exploded yet, so I guess that’s good.  In response, Japanese mobile carrier DoCoMo has halted sales.

Personally, I like the Pearl.  The Bold looks like a brick.  I’m not sure why everyone wants to go larger with their blackberries.  It’s enough already with the largeness.  If you want such a big phone, why don’t you go back to the early 80’s when we had those cell phones where you’d have to carry the battery separately.  Remember those?  I remember my uncle lugging it around waiting for a call from some business associate until he got too tired carrying it.  He said, “fuck it, let’s just drink.”  You know, I’m not really sure what happened to that phone.

Probably exploded.

How hot is this.

How hot is this?