Ass-Backward Comet Has Nerds Captivated.


Comet Lulin, which is probably the most horrible name for a comet in the history of comet names, is as close to the Earth as it’ll ever get.  You know what? Lulin?  Really?  Who would name it that?  I need to know.

The green ball of gas is visible to astronomy nerds all week.  It’s supposed to be closest to the Earth mid-week.  The most intesting part of this comet is that it’s traveling backward.  Instead of circling the sun counter-clockwise as most planets and elements do, Lulin.  Lulin?  Sigh.  Lulin circles the sun clockwise.  Also, the comet was discovered by a Chinese teenager in 2007.

I’m sorry if you’re reading this and you’re name is actually Lulin.  But if it is, I’m sorry. I think it’s a unique and rare name.  But I’ll be honest.  You should probably punch your parents in the face for naming you that.