Michigan Drops Russell Due To Anti-Union Concern.

Who would ever buy this?  Who.  I need to know.

Who would ever buy this? Who. I need to know.

The University of Michigan joined other universities who have dropped Russell Athletics, an apparel company that made t-shirts and other clothing for Michigan under license.  Michigan is alarmed by the fact that Russell had just shut down a unionized factory in Honduras.

Really?  They can’t make clothes for you because they shut down a factory?

What if they kept it open, couldn’t manage it because of high labor costs, and then passed on the added expense to you and your students?  Would that be better?

In this darkening economy, it’s going to be harder and harder to maintain sales and margins.  If you have a good arrangement with a supplier, why inject your moral compass and ruin it all?  It’s a t shirt.  And they’re not even shutting down an American factory.  It’s Honduran.  Hondurian.  Honduranese.  Whatever the word is that you use for the plural of Honduras.

Michigan joins the ranks of Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Georgetown, Purdue, and Rutgers.  They can now all meet for lunch and discuss how they “completely dropped Russell’s ass because they were, like, totally uncool to labor.”  And then you can all nod your heads while some broke-ass student pays 70 dollars for a shitty t-shirt.