Home Depot Posts Major Loss.

Yeah maybe try working harder.

Yeah maybe try working harder.

This economy has beat down some big companies.  You’d think that if you’re going to delay buying a home, you might fix up the roof, re-do the floors, maybe get a new deck instead?

Apparently, no.  There’ll be none of that.

Home Depot announced Tuesday that they took a major ass-kicking and reported a net loss of $54 million dollars.  Home Depot’s real telling sign of a poor economy is that they had 10% less customer transactions than last year.

It means your Uncle Tom isn’t buying all that lumber anymore.  And me?  Well, honestly.  I’ll go into a Home Depot to buy a hammer and a nail to hang a painting, they’ll send me to aisle 39 and I’ll get completely lost.  Then I leave pretending I don’t need the stuff anymore because I don’t want to admit I don’t know what type of nail to buy.  1 1/4″? 3/4″? 5/7″?

There’s seven thousand different nails.  Seven thousand.  Just make one.  Call it the Picture-Hanging Nail.  Is that so hard?

Well at least I know I’m not the cause of their horrible losses.