Carbon Footprint Explained.

Talk in the news about a carbon footprint always happens this way: the firm has pledged to reduce their carbon footprint.

Oh, that carbon footprint. People are always trying to reduce you!

A carbon footprint is essentially the total amount of green house gas emissions that are produced by something. A business, a product, your badonkadonk. Okay, in many cases, your badonkadonk probably wouldn’t have a large carbon footprint. Even if you had that Mega Family Value Deal at Taco Bell. The reason why is because carbon footprints deal with emissions that affect green house gases.

The problem with using the term ‘carbon footprint’ is because hippies have yet to come together under one standard to apply the correct carbon labels. So there is still disagreement as to what the carbon footprint is on certain products or businesses.

They have, however, agreed on the carbon footprint of producing coal, natural gas, oil, and wind.

All the boring elements.

So there you have it. Now you know what a carbon footprint is. Enjoy your Taco Bell.