71% of Japanese Want Tiny Taro Out.


Oh Taro!  Look at you, standing up there with that big microphone they gave you.  You’re just tiny!

Oh dear!  Tiny Taro Aso, fledgling Prime Minister of Japan, is in a bit of trouble.  On Saturday, a poll revealed that just over 70 per cent of Japanese want him to resign.

When asked for comment, Taro was like, “dude, the Japanese are all drinking their hate-o-rade.”

Don’t you hate when people use the word ‘hateorade’?  Stop drinking the hateorade?  Really?  That’s the dumbest expression ever.

But I feel like Tiny Taro would use it.

Just because we have time, here’s the video of Tiny Taro’s boy, the Finance Minister, all shitfaced at a G7 press conference.