Taro Aso: Why Japan’s Totally Screwed.

Tiny Taro, unafraid of a little man-ass, hopes to battle for political capital.

Meet Taro Aso, the Prime Minister of Japan. You know that nerdy, geeky kid in high school that we all completely hated?  He would lend you his CDs and not even care if you ever gave them back, just so he could be your friend?Think about how popular he was.

Taro Aso is way less popular.

Tiny Taro’s popularity rating in Japan dipped into single digits. That’s, like, K-Fed territory. So it’s safe to say, not many people like him.

However, it is dangerous for Japan’s politics because the party he leads has changed leaders 3 times over the last ten years. It’s also dangerous because there really isn’t a party with a stable core ideology in Japan either. Which means, our boy Taro better get his shit together or the government in Japan is heading for some horrible times.

To top off the embarrassment, Taro’s main man, finance minister Saich….Shoic…Shoichici…whatever. The finance minister. He was filmed at a press conference a couple weeks ago apparently lit from too much wine. That’s right, his finance minister was caught at a press conference completely shitfaced. He resigned, after Taro took heat in the press.

Things aren’t going too well. We’ll be following tiny Taro and his crazy hijinx closely.