Benji’s Back! Netanyahu is Israel’s Leader Again.


Benji maddened but still holding pose for a photographer. Israel hopes this balancing act of charm will carry her through the next term.

You may remember Benjamin Netanyahu, or Benji as he likes to be called in certain circles.

Okay maybe he hates that.

Earlier today, he was asked by the President of Israel to form the next government. This might be difficult because he can’t do it alone. So he’ll either have to form a coalition with hardcore right-wingers or with Kadima leader Tzipi Livni.  The loser in all this?

Tzipi Livni. Her party actually won more seats but since they are more moderate, have less chance of forming a working government.

Benji has tough work ahead of him. Tensions in Gaza are still heavy and he’ll have to forge a better relationship with the US then he did the first time around.

Also I had to recheck the spelling of his name seven times for this post.  Thanks a lot, Benji.  Asshole.