Hippy Outrage Over Tar Sands.

In advance of today’s much anticipated meeting between President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, protests have ignited over the hotly debated Alberta Tar Sands.

Because really? What do hippies have to do on a Thursday besides parading around, being all outraged?

In this argument, they may have a valid claim. The process to produce oil in the Alberta tar sands creates three times the greenhouse gas emissions as conventional oil drilling. Which means producing crude oil this way is a not so green.  And as the hippies claim, it produces “the dirtiest oil on Earth.”

Prime Minister Harper will try to ask President Obama to shield the Alberta Tar Sands from trying to clean up their act, because it’s pretty damn expensive to get them to comply with an aggressive green initiative that Obama wants to begin in North America.  And, in response?

Obama’s like, “dude, we got you.”

So sensing this type of wink-wink arrangement, the hippies have descended upon Ottawa prior to today’s meeting between the leaders to voice their displeasure. We will soon find out if they will get their wish and receive new commitments to force the tar sands to reduce their toxic emissions. Early outlook?

Probably not.

Because all she wants is a better carbon footprint.

Because all she wants is a reduced carbon footprint.